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SCNP 2nd Virtual Meeting


Dear Colleague

We are happy to invite you to join our 2nd Virtual SCNP meeting

APRIL 21st 2022, 14.00-17.00

  • 14.00 - 14.05: Welcome
  • 14.05 - 14.35:Henry Karlsson, University of Turku, Finland: Brain and Eating Disorders.
  • 14.35 - 15.05: Srdjan Djurovic, Oslo University Hospital and University of Bergen, Norway: Molecular effects of Lithium treatment in induced pluripotent stem cell s(iPSCs)-derived models.
  • 15.05 - 15.20: BREAK
  • 15.20 - 15.50: Daniel Lindqvist, Lund University, Sweden: Precision treatment of depression - current research trends and experiences from Lund.
  • 15.50 - 16.20: Søren Dinesen Østergaard, Aarhus University, Denmark: The PSYchiatric clinical outcome prediction (PSYCOP) cohort: leveraging the potential of electronic health records in the treatment of mental disorders.
  • 16.20 - 16.50: Guðrún Dóra Bjarnadóttir, Landspitali University Hospital, Iceland: Intravenous use of Methylphenidate in Iceland.
  • 16.50 - 17.00: Concluding remarks

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SCNP Virtual General Assembly

Dear SCNP member
We are pleased to forward the Agenda and the registration link to SCNP General Assembly.
April 21st 2022, 17.00 at the Zoom (online) 

Please register here (members only): 

1. Election of Chairperson
2. Procedural questions
3. Report by the President
4. Report by the Treasurer and Auditors Report
5. Report from the Journal
6. Discharge of obligations for the Board
7. Membership fees for 2022-23
8. SCNP 61st Annual Meeting 2023: Venue and dates
9. Other business

We look forward to seeing you.

With kind regards