Social Programme

Conference Dinner


The conference Dinner is held at 'Nationalmuseum' , a top gastronomic and cultural experience.

Before the dinner an exclusive private 1-hour Museum tour is scheduled.

Enjoy a gastronomic dining experience in unique surroundings, where the good taste is at the center. With ingredients from the 55th to 69th latitude, unexpected flavours from the modern Sweden and by the skills of the swedish gastronomic craft is in focus.

Enjoy social long lunches with updated classics served in our dining hall, or enjoy unexpected combined little dishes, freshly baked pastries and a wide selection of beverages in the Glass bar and Café. We offer something to eat and drink the entire day. It’s easy to pop in for a bite, a business lunch, a drink after work or just a coffee to socialize with friends. There is something for everyone. During the evening the premises with its splendid view over Strömmen and the Royal Palace are transformed into the nation’s most beautiful space for a party or event.

Stockholm’s most intricately designed restaurant
Like the rest of the museum building, the restaurant highly value art handicraft and design. Here, some of the country’s leading designers have furnished and designed everything related to the set table, furniture and fittings. Everything under the management of the designer Matti Klenell.