Registration terms and cancellation policy


Cancelling must be in writing and sent to SCNP at the Congress Secretariat.

The registration of participation is binding. If you have to cancel the registration, you get 80% back until April 27 2023. Cancellations received after April 27 2023 will not be refunded; however, transfer of your registration to another person is acceptable. This can be done by re-accessing your registration. No refunds will be made for non-attendance at the Congress. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after April 27 2023.

If for any reason the meeting should be cancelled, SCNP 2023 will refund the registration fee.  SCNP 2023 is not responsible for the refund of airfare, hotel, or other costs. 

In all other cases, the financial responsibilities of the participants remain fully effective.


The participation fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 7 days following submission of the registration (but not later than 7 days before the starting day of the event).

Participation is not guaranteed until full payment of the registration fee is received.


Refund claims must include name of the bank, bank address, IBAN, S.w.i.f.t./ BIC code, account number and name of the account owner for money transfers. All refunds will only be processed after the meeting.

As a registered delegate of SCNP 2023, you agree that the congress or authorized third parties may photograph or record your likeness, image, name, voice, and/or words, and may publish or distribute your likeness, image, name, voice, and/or words for promotional and educational purposes in various forms of media, including but not limited to websites, presentations, and marketing materials. Photographs of data, whether displayed on screens, in posters, or elsewhere is not permitted.

The Congress Secretariat cannot accept liability for injuries or losses arising from accidents or other situations during or as a consequence of attending the SCNP 2023 Congress. In addition, the SCNP is not liable for presentation cancellations or session delays that are beyond our reasonable control.